Palestine Facing the Pandemic of COVID-19.

The United Nations’ Middle East peace envoy on Sunday expressed grave concern over the situation in the Palestinian territories, urging Israel to do more to help contain the coronavirus pandemic in the Gaza Strip and West Bank. COVID-19 has had a harsh impact on socio economic activities around the world. It is now a worrying

South Sudan needs you!

While all of the attention is focused on COVID-19, we’re still communicating to everyone about South Sudan’s situation. A nation that remains impoverished, austerity, misery and facing world’s oblivion. 2020 has been a year where we’ve witnessed international forces working together in order to solve the world’s current pandemic. In the same way, we would

Europe Foundation statement on Coronavirus disease and WHO

MADRID Thursday, April 9, 2020 | There are 1,502,618 confirmed cases and the total number of deaths is 89,915 while 339,775 people have recovered. More than half of all the confirmed cases have been in Europe, with Spain and Italy worst affected. However, the United States now has twice as many confirmed cases as any

Latin America in Emergency

As the days go by, the news about the progress of COVID-19 are discouraging. Luckily, governments and citizens are taking the appropriate measures, so that it doesn’t get worse. However, the case of Latin America is antagonistic to the situation in Europe and the USA. Latin America is the western region with the largest deficit


As of today (March 25th) the second largest populated country, India, enters total lockdown. 1.3 billion of people just entered quarantine. 519 confirmed cases of Coronavirus and 10 deaths were enough for Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, ordered a total lockdown in the country. ” To save India, to save its every citizen, you, your family…


The mortality curve for coronavirus in the Community of Madrid represents 55% of the total deaths from Covid-19 in Spain. If we continue like this, we could even overcome the region of Lombardy or Wuhan. The coronavirus outbreak has more than 372,000 infected people worldwide and more than 16,300 people dead. More than 180 countries