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As the days go by, a new disease outbreak knocks our doors; you might have heard about COVID-19 or, as is commonly known, coronavirus. What do we need to know about COVID-19 (coronavirus)? Coronaviruses (CoV) are a large family of viruses that cause illness ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases such as Middle

Donation campaign: summer

The summer is getting over…But your donation will remain… Donate and save lives… You can either click either on this link: Or click on “donate now” on the top of the page.

Our summer campaign: help us provide health kits to public centers and medical centers in Syria

Our summer campaign lasts until September 30, 2019, and consists of preparing 200 basic kits (bandage, clean scissors, hand sanitizer, antibiotics, and other urgent medical tools) with a cost of € 25 each, for public places in Syria, until September 30, 2019.   Have you ever thought that while you enjoy summer vacations with your

DR Congo Ebola epidemic spreads as second Goma patient dies

Health officials in the Democratic Republic of Congo say a one-year-old girl has become the third victim of the Ebola outbreak in the densely populated city of Goma. Local officials confirmed that the baby was the daughter of the second patient who died earlier in the week. The little girl’s death is the latest sign that

Health situation in Syria

    Economic recovery and the lasting well-being of the population of a country are not matters that were possible without establishing lasting peace. The United Nations Program for Human Development (UNDP) considers health as a measurable factor, and peace as a qualitative factor for human development, which became absent in Syria since the beginning

Europe Peace Foundation statement on the situation in Venezuela

Tuesday, April 30th, 2019 MADRID. Tuesday marked the most violent episode of the Venezuelan political crisis this year. Venezuelan health officials said 69 people were injured in the clashes, including two with bullet wounds. Growing discontent in Venezuela, fuelled by hyperinflation, power cuts and food and medicine shortages, has led to a political crisis. Opposition