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Europe Foundation Statement on violence in Gaza and Israel

MADRID Tuesday, May 11, 2021 – The fighting between Israel and Hamas was triggered by days of escalating clashes between Palestinians and Israeli police at a holy hilltop compound in East Jerusalem.

The Israeli military has continued its bombardment of the besieged Gaza Strip, targeting several areas after rockets were fired from the enclave.

At least 28 Palestinians, including 10 children, and three Israelis have been killed as tensions in Jerusalem spread Tuesday with rockets fired from the Gaza Strip reaching Tel Aviv and Israeli airstrikes in Gaza.

The significant upsurge in violence in the occupied West Bank, including in East Jerusalem as well as in and around Gaza needs to stop immediately.

Political, religious and community leaders on all sides should show restraint and responsibility and make every effort to calm down this volatile situation. The status quo of the holy sites must be fully respected.

We reiterate our call on all sides to engage in de-escalatory efforts. Further civilian casualties must be prevented as a priority.

For further information, please contact: Telephone: (+34) 910 231 214

F or further information, please contact: Telephone: (+34) 910 231 214

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