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Premature death due to lack of proper medical care , extreme low rates of life expectancy, human losses from preventable and curable diseases due to extreme poverty , lack of access to basic health care , lack of transportation in rural and remote areas, they are endemic problems in Third World countries . The forces of the global economy continue to exacerbate the disparity in access to wealth and health and they demand urgent solutions and our foundation takes action towards the following objectives:


– To guarantee health as a inalienable social right

– Improve quality of life and life expectancy in rural communities of the Third World countries creating health centers for hospital and ambulatory health care

– Help with vaccination, medication and healing material

– Prevent epidemics , viruses and other communicable diseases  providing information to the population about hygiene, health and feeding conditions

– Develop a prophylactic orientation and appropriate application of  scientific and technical advances

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Areas of work and current projects

in Nepal

Arghakhanichi district is located in the Lumbini zone (Provice No. 5) in south-central Nepal, about 300 km southwest of Kathmandu It is a mountainous ...

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Syrian Refugee Crisis & Humanitarian Assistance

in Syria

The armed conflict in Syria has devastated the homes and livelihoods of countless people throughout the country. In a war where everybody loses, commu...

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Palestine Refugees and Humanitarian Crisis

in Palestine

Peace between Israel and the Palestinians remains both necessary and possible. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is an urgent issue in the region. Day ...

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Crisis in South Sudan

in Sudan

Since the beginning of the 2013 civil war in Sudan, nearly 4 million people have been forced to flee their homelands and are constantly moving across ...

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